Hi, My name is Catherine Bosley. I started the site three16ths.com as a place for my dad, Jeff Jackson (better known as Boppa to his four grandkids), to share his incredible woodworking talent with the world. My dad has been a woodworker for 50+ years. He takes great pride in the work he does and is a bit of a perfectionist. I chose the name three16ths because my dad doesn’t “round” to the nearest anything. His measurements are always precise, he would never call 3/16ths of a inch 1/4th.  Anyone who has spent time working with him in his workshop would be well aware of this!

So we welcome you to Three16ths!  This is a place that we are excited to not only share what he does, but how he does it, along with tricks and tips for you and a place for the woodworking community to chat and share. So we WELCOME your comments, and questions and any tips you may have! Click here to start checking out his latest work!

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