After inheriting my dad’s lathe, I decided to play with it. This is my first project with it.



On the middle segments I cut at 3/8” slot with a router, for a channel to fill with epoxy.


Half of them I added some black charcoal dust to the epoxy.


The method I used to cut the individual segments made half of the channels open on the inside of the circle, with the other half on the outside. This doesn’t matter because the wood is going to all be shaved off in the lathe, leaving just the epoxy in the middle.


I learned a neat trick about gluing the lathe sacrificial mounting block to the turning project. If you sandwich a paper bag in the glue joint, it holds good enough for the turning. Then when you’re done turning, the two pieces can be pried apart.



I gave it plenty of coats of butcher block oil so that my granddaughter can use it for her ice cream bowl.


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