Occasionally it really helps to have a strong deep reach clamp. I’ve gotten by all these years without one, but I finally took the time to add another one of those tools that you wish you had, but could never quite justify the expense of buying one. Honestly, I’ve never seen one with this big of a jaw opening. Mine can clamp up to 6” thick, with a 12 ½” deep reach.



I used some hardwood from a table that I had salvaged for the wood. I cut a simple bridal joint and put a 3/8” oak dowel in the joint. When gluing this up it should be a tight fit. Don’t try to hammer the joint together. Instead, draw it together with a strong clamp, such as a pipe clamp. Keep in mind that you want the tennon shorter and wider than the female end of the joint, to effectively clamp the shoulders tight. Either that or use spacers on the ends when clamping.



I used ½” all thread and tapped the threads in the wood.




On the tightening knob, I also epoxied and installed an 1/8” roll pin.



I extended the all thread through the knob in order to grind a 7/16” hex shape at the end. This comes in handy for opening and closing it quickly with a cordless drill.


To make the head that swivels on the all thread, I used a 1/2” nut with a roll pin though it.



This pushes against a washer inside the round head. I used a 1” forstner bit for the inside of the head. Drill the 1” hole deep enough for the head to swivel around a little. A 1 ¾” hole saw to cut the outside diameter worked the best for me. Otherwise you can cut it with a scroll saw if you don’t have a hole saw. I added a little grease on the washer.


Then glue the head together.



I added a leather face on the clamping areas, which keeps from damaging your project.


Now that I have these clamps, I can see them getting used a lot.



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