My oldest granddaughter loves to dance. So for her birthday I came up with this idea for a real personal gift.



I wanted to make the picture unique, so I decided to try out my new Lichtenberg burner that I had just made.



I had some small branches from an ash tree that I used to add to the sides of the picture, for a different look. I sized the wood, shaped and sanded it.



Then comes the risky part, when you attempt the burning. I had to spend a lot of time preparing the wood, but I haven’t had much practice at this fractal burning. If the burning came out really bad, then I would have to probably throw the wood away, unless I could plane it down, to try it again.


Fortunately I was satisfied with the way it turned out.


 For the main section of the picture, I had some dark walnut. With carbon paper, I traced out the pose from a picture that I had of my granddaughter.


 I elevated the wood up closer to eye level, and using a magnifying glass, slowly routered out the silhouette.


 I then used flocking to accentuate the silhouette.



I had to buy a 1/16” router bit for doing the fingers.



On the back of the picture I routered a keyhole slot, for hanging the picture, and attached a copy of the picture of her, that I had used.


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