I was working on a project that was going to require a lot of repetitive drilling, so I decided to stop that project, and took the time to build a drill press table.



The new top, bolts onto the round table, with ¼” bolts.


I spaced the table up to leave clearance for turning the height adjustment handle.



I routered in a set of aluminum t-tracks for the hold down clamps. They work great because you can clamp up real close to the bits. It’s easy to blow wood and metal shavings out of the aluminum tracks


I decide to use t-bolts for the fence stops. Since I was planning to double up on the thickness of the fence, it was an easy solution to cut some dado slots for the t-bolts.


I also cut vertical slots for the ¼” all thread that was used to clamp the fence on with.



I made a 3” square cutout for a replaceable insert. I cut the opening a little off centered, so I could flip the insert around four times, to have a fresh clean backing board when drilling holes.


I went ahead and made a bunch of extra inserts.


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