Sometimes it’s helpful to have a second hand to guide your boards through a saw or router. I’ve made two featherboards that solve this problem.


One featherboard is for keeping the wood tight against the fence while cutting.



This featherboard is held in position with a miter gauge slot bar.


The second featherboard is for keeping the wood down tight against the table top, which is especially helpful when ripping a large piece of plywood, or a long board.



I used ¾” pine, cutting the fingers with a bandsaw. I made the cuts 1/8” center to center. I thought it might be best if I made the cuts in line with the wood grain. So I made the cuts before shaping the featherboard, so that I could use the fence on the bandsaw to guide the board when making all the cuts. The fingers are slanted at 30°.


Drill 5/16holes. Then with a scroll saw, Cut out the slots for the ¼” mounting bolts.



I had to make an adapter to bolt the featherboard to my table saw.



It also works on my router table. 



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