When retirement was coming close, I realized I was going to need a heavy duty cart to transport all the new woodworking equipment back to my workshop. I have a walk-out basement which means there is a steep incline from the workshop entrance up to the driveway. I utilized two tires from my big snowblower and two tires from a snowblower belonging to my neighbor, who promised not to move for a long time.



I welded the axles to some 2” angle iron, leaving enough length for the washers and pins to hold the wheels on. I made it all just wide enough for it to roll through my 36” door openings. An 1/8” aircraft steel cable was stretched between the front and back axle to keep the extended supports from spreading at the bottom.


Using 3/8” all thread I sandwiched enough 2 x 4’s together to clear the top of the larger tires.


On the front end I screwed some Teflon to the bottom 2 x 4 with recessed flat head screws to allow the front 2” angle iron to pivot smoothly.



A simple steering rope is attached to the front axle.



Two “brakes” are needed to keep the cart from rolling away while tipping the cart, or loading up the equipment.


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