I make some of my own boards from logs. After cutting the rough boards, it’s necessary to get one straight edge to start with.             



These dovetail clamps seemed like the perfect solution for designing a straight line jig.


I had some 1” thick melamine from an old entertainment center that was just what I needed. I added a strip of Formica on one edge so that it would slide along the table saw fence effortlessly.



I glued a ¼” t-nut at the back corner, for bolting on a stop block.



When setting up to router in the dovetails, I set up for all of the lines, because you want to first cut a ¼” slot before cutting the dovetail.


I cut multiple dovetails so that the jig could be used for all different lengths of boards.


This jig can also be set up for cutting tapers also.



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