I’m always willing to make some of my own tools in order to save a little money. Fortunately I am retired, so I have the time to do this. These push pads were easy to put together.



You need to have something that will grip the wood without sliding. This material works well.



I made my push pads 6” long so that I could get two pads from one length of the pad material. A 3/4” dowel is a comfortable fit for the handle.



For 40 years I’ve always struggled and jury-rigged things to hold up long boards for my table saw and miter saw. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally make a convenient set of supports.


I wanted to have something that could fold flat, so that it could be set aside without taking up a lot of room, until I needed it. I used a set of self-closing cabinet door hinges that I had on hand. These work well so the feet don’t swing around.


As many jigs as I make, I make my own threaded knobs to save some money. I epoxied a ¼” t-nut in the upright support for the adjustment knob.



This is handy for ripping multiple narrow strips on the table saw. 



The miter gauge slot insert is made with any hardwood with a slot, made with a scroll saw, that expands as the ¼” flat head screw is drawn up into the insert.



Just push the fence over until the board touches the jig. Do this repeatedly after each rip to get consistent strips.


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