There is some equipment in my shop that needs to be moved around at times, in order to accommodate long pieces of wood.


This setup allows this router table to sit solid on the legs, when using the router.



To roll the table in any direction, use two swivel casters on one end. You could use stationary casters if that suits your need.



To lift the table up on the pair of casters on one end, simply raise the other end by stepping on the pedal.



The two sections pivot with a ½” bolt.


The hinge is a spring loaded cabinet hinge, although I think it would work fine without the spring loaded feature.



I wish I could tell you how to easily fabricate this assembly. Unfortunately it just takes some trial and error to get it to raise the frame up the right amount. Here are some dimensions to help you get started.

 100_2909 - Copy100_2908 - Copy - Copy


My sander and scroll saw, are easy to move, using a ½” EMT handle to lift the front end.


I salvaged some casters from a bed frame, and epoxied them in place so they wouldn’t swivel. These casters definitely don’t want to swivel.



Because of the angle of the legs, I had to cut the base of the 2 x 4s at an angle, so that the caster would be coplanar with the floor.



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