I wanted to have infeed and outfeed tables, for my table saw, but I didn’t want to give up so much space in my workshop, for permanently mounted tables. My solution, was to just build a rolling combination glue-up / outfeed table, along with rails that can easily be folded up and set aside, when I need the extra space.


For the outfeed table I used a Formica top so the wood can easily slide across the table. Since you can never have too much storage space, I added 10 drawers under the table top.



The table can be used in line with the saw blade, or for cutting wide sheets, the table sits along side of the saw.


I lined the top of the rails with some Formica, to give a slick surface for wood to glide over easily. A ¼” bolt is the pivot point for the leg, so that it can swing up for easy storage.


I also put a ¼” t-nut in the bottom of the leg for leveling up the rails.



A vertical clamp works nice for quickly attaching it to the saw, allowing you to place the rails anywhere you need them.


Two of the rails have a lip to place a length of ½” plywood on. A ¼” dowel, that lines up with a hole in the plywood, keeps the rails in place, when the plywood is used.




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