When we went to re-paint the living room walls, we had to decide what to do about a wall decal that we didn’t want to lose. I was leery of trying to remove it and then re-install it. My wife suggested we just paint around it, and make a picture frame for it. Genius!   



 We already had some picture frames in that room that I liked, with rounded corners, so I decided to duplicate that style.



The problem with rounding the outside corner is that you lose most of the frame’s strength at that point. To alleviate that problem, I added a spline at the corners.



Then glue in a section on the inside corner to create the inside curve.



Draw the radius that you want, then cut your curved corners.




Before painting the wall, trace the outside edge of the frame on the wall. Now just mask off the decal area and paint around that.




Using small finish nails, attach the frame to the wall. Everyone that looks at it, thinks it’s a framed picture.



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