For the last 40 years I drove a service truck so I never needed to buy my own large ladders since they were always on the service truck if I needed one. Now that I’m retired I had to buy 10’ & 12’ stepladders to work on my deck. These are big ladders that take up a lot of storage space. The best solution to this problem was to hang them from the ceiling in the garage.



I used pocket holes in the supports to hang them. With the pocket hole screws, on the one side, going up at an angle, you will want to drill tiny holes up through the drywall to accurately locate exactly where the ceiling joists are at.



The extra corner bracing is necessary because a lot of forward pressure is put on the rack when lifting the ladder onto the rack.



Make sure you hang the rack down low enough so that you can tip the ladder when putting the ladder up, and down.


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