I’ve had a workshop in my basement for 40 years. Just recently I retired, which allows me to spend endless hours and days down there now. The first thing that came apparent was that every time I had to go upstairs or leave the house, I had to try to brush most of the dust off of me or sometimes just change clothes. So my first investment to my workshop was a blower to clean myself off.


This blower is marketed as a blower for blowing off a motorcycle after washing it. The blowers are mainly made for drying off animals after washing them, either at a pet salon or at a 4-H event etc. The one I got has dual 4 H.P. blowers which has a total 18 amp rating. I wouldn’t want anything less than that. It does an excellent job of blowing all the dust off.

100_2019 - Copy


My situation worked out well for me to mount the blower up in between the floor joists in the laundry room where it wouldn’t be sucking up the dust from the woodshop. I ran a section of 1 ¼” emt. (Thin wall conduit) to the outside which is right outside the walkout door. I installed a weatherproof switch outside by the hose.



I also found I use it a lot to blow the dust off of woodworking projects just before painting or adding a finish to them.


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