I made this letter art as a Christmas gift for my daughter. My intention was for her to hang it by her desk at work. Where she works there wasn’t any empty wall space suitable for hanging any artwork. My solution for this was to hang it vertically in a corner.


I made up a collection of pictures of objects and places she was familiar with as she grew up.

I sprayed adhesive spray on a section of ¼” Masonite to glue the pictures on. I just randomly set the pictures on the Masonite leaving space between the pictures, so I could cut them out after the glue set up. With a radial arm saw I carefully cut the Masonite at the edges of the pictures

On the vertical letter art I lined up the nine pictures face down against a straight edge. I spread glue on a 1/4” piece of plywood which was 1 inch narrower than the pictures. This backing is narrower so the picture boards will sit right against the wall.



After clamping this for 30 minutes, I glued a narrow stiffener down the middle. From a 4 x 4, I made a “French Cleat” hanger to fit in a corner.





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