Mop sander

I made this one day when I wanted it right away for a project I was working on.

I used standard paper backed 9×11 sheets of 180 grit that I had on hand. Ideally you should use cloth backed sandpaper if you want it to last longer. I cut 5 sheets into 2 ¼” x 5 ½” pieces with some tin snips.


Sandwich them all in between some 3/8” thick plywood (don’t use ¼” because it will break apart).


I cut slots ¼” apart and 1 3/4” deep on each end. Use a scroll saw for this because you will end up ruining the blades and the scroll saw blades are inexpensive.


Drill a hole in the center for a 2 ½” long bolt (use at least a 5/16” bolt). Using a 1 ½” hole saw, I made 6 wooden washers from 1/8” Masonite. Stack the sandpaper back to back, staggering the direction 45 degrees for each set of 2 sandpapers. Put a washer in after every 8 sheets of sandpaper.


Bolt it tight.



It works good for sanding irregular shapes


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