Bandsaw Sled Blade Drift Adjustment

I have a new sharp blade and currently have no blade drift. However, as the blade dulls you may notice some blade drift.

To compensate for this, I simply made an adjustable miter gauge slot for the bandsaw sled to ride in.100_1218

I used some ¾” PVC board (from Lowes) and routered a slot in it. The pictures show a 1 ½” wide PVC board. I would recommend using a wider PVC board to provide more stability.100_1220

On my bandsaw I had attached an angle iron on the back side of the bandsaw for clamping on my fence.100_1179

I use this angle iron to clamp on the adjustable miter gauge slot. Use a 3/16” flat head screw countersunk in the slot. Use washers for spacers to match the thickness of the angle iron.100_1220

Install a steel ¼” pin for a pivot point at the blade location.100_1187

Drill a ¼” hole in the table of the bandsaw just to the inside of the bandsaw’s original miter gauge slot. This hole will be in line with the teeth on the blade.100_1219

You will need to put ¾” boards under all the feet of the sled rails to raise them up to match the height of the new miter gauge slot.



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