Wooden Knobs


I have started making several tools and jigs for my workshop. One common thing I find I am needing are knobs for various things.


You can make whatever style feels comfortable for you.                                                                                          000_1105

I took the time to make a pattern out of some Masonite to keep for future because I know I will be needing to make knobs for many projects to come.



Round over edges with 1/16roundover bit or just sand edges over. You’ll want to glue at least 1/2” of a 1” dowel to the bottom of the knob to leave room for your fingers. For knobs with a ¼-20 stud I first drill a ½” hole with a forstner bit 1/8” deep. Then drill all the way through with a ¼” bit.



Mark the shape of a hex head bolt in the ½” hole and using a ¼” chisel cut out a hole for the hex head bolt. Because you are chiseling out a hole I would stick with solid wood. I wouldn’t subject my nice chisels to particle board and plywood won’t chisel out as nice.                                                                                                              000_1107


Using epoxy pound the bolt in tight and put a ½” dowel in to cover up the bolt.                            100_1446


After epoxy is set, sand the ½” dowel down flush. For a knob without a stud you can simply use a t-nut or chisel in a nut and epoxy it in place.                                                                                                       100_1493


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