A friend of ours, Melvin Sudbeck, has a construction company with a unique company  logo. I decided to make a few different clocks in the shape of the logo for him.



For the desk mount clock I cut a 1 ¾” thick block out of a tree limb of some colorful Walnut.


Using a “Jasper” circle guide,  router out a circle 1/2″ deep.




Then you will want to drill four holes clear through the block in a square pattern the size of the clock mechanism that you will be using. Using either a Jig Saw or a Scroll Saw, cut out the square for the clock mechanism.




For the smaller keyhole shape at the bottom I used a forstner bit to make the recessed hole. Then I used the router to cut out the wedge shape under the hole.


Using the circle guide I routered out the shape of the disc to fit inside the original circle I made in the Walnut block. I picked a contrasting color disc for the clock face.


The clock face can only be 3/16” thick for the clock mechanism to attach to. So after routering the disc shape, then you saw the disc to 3/16”. You have to leave the disc shape attached to the thick board because you can’t resaw a round board on a bandsaw.



I drilled ¼” holes in the clock face and glued ¼” dowels in it for the 12 hour markings. Cut and install the dowels proud and then after the glue dries, sand them flush.


Take some of the left-over 3/16 board to cut out the keyhole shape to put in the  recessed keyhole.  Five light coats of “True Oil” brought out the colors of the woods nicely.


For the wall clocks, using the router circle guide, I cut out a hole big enough for the clock mechanism. Then I routered a 3/16” thick disc for the clock face. I tried both ¼” button plugs and stick-on raised numbers for the clock faces.


I always prefer to use a keyhole router bit on the back of  wall hangings for a hanging slot. This is especially important for these clocks because it is hard to pinpoint where the center of the weight of the clock will be.100_1398


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